Introducing Round Valuation Analysis

Starting today, Tactyc automatically calculates and summarizes valuation multiples (such as Revenue multiple) for your entire portfolio.

These multiples can be further evaluated by geography, sectors, tags and changes over subsequent rounds.

Under KPI Manager > Valuation Analysis:

  • Select a valuation multiple from the list of KPIs collected (such as ARR)

  • Select optional filters such as entry round, geography, sectors or tags

The summarized results will show the following: 1. Average Valuation Multiple (Portfolio-Level) Mean or median valuation multiple over subsequent rounds across the entire portfolio.

2. Valuation Multiple Trends By Deal Valuation multiple over subsequent rounds visualized for each portfolio company.

3. Valuation Multiple Detail By Deal Valuation multiple for each deal downloadable into an Excel report.


Originally published in the Tactyc newsletter on June 5, 2023.

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